tyl.io is a state-of-the-art Web publishing platform developed with ❤️ in Montreal.

The world of Web publishing has evolved a lot in recent years and yet, when it comes to the creation process, we still follow the same pattern: do it from a template or code it from scratch. Why can't we see things differently? Why can't we just drop a bunch of photos, videos, texts ... and pooofff ... a Web page.

From a technological point of view, this challenge immediately turned me on.

When I realized people usually communicate on social networks just by dropping content, I had a clear vision of the kind of product I wanted to build. With its patent-pending "reactive" technology, tyl.io is evolving from traditional template-based Web page creation to a simpler, non-restrictive, user-centered and basically more enjoyable process.

Our mission is to build AI-powered technology to simplify and automate the process of publishing Web pages. tyl.io really is rethinking online publishing by building a platform for those who don't have time to waste in learning supposedly-easy-but-totally-complex tools. Because everybody could appreciate creating blogs, websites and landing pages the same way they post something on social networks.

We aim for the fun of social networks, the power and beauty of the Web, and no monetary barriers. That last part of the sentence means tyl.io really is, and forever will remain, FREE. No ads, no bullshit.

Our vision… anyone can #tyl.

I am delighted that you've read this so far and wish you a lot of fun creating #tyls.

Tanguy Lays, CEO and co-founder of tyl.io